Tiny Grit

Procrastinating on getting things done is a key blocker for most of us. Is there a way to stop procrastinating?

After working with 1000s of people, we have discovered a pattern in our procrastination. 

It turns out, that the vast majority of our procrastination is on Quadrant II tasks in the 4 quadrant urgent-important matrix  from Stephen Covey’s landmark book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  We tend to procrastinate more on tasks that are very important but not very urgent. 

Eisenhower-Covey Matrix

We call the Quadrant II tasks as Green Zone tasks because those are the very tasks which could bring about a transformation within us. Unfortunately for us human beings, we spend most of our time in the Reactive Zone and goto the Entertainment Zone for respite from the stress created by Reactive Zone tasks. This leaves us with an illusion that we don’t have time for the Green Zone tasks. 

We are happy to see we at Tiny Magiq have discovered what could only be called a subconscious superpower – Tiny Grit. We have also created a character called Tiny Demon that tries to keep us in the Reactive & Entertainment Zones.

Learn more about Tiny Grit in this short video.

If that made you curious, you can watch the entire playlist and start Building Tiny Grit, BTG as we call it affectionately.